Pint & Plow Brewing Company was founded by two Kerrville brothers and a craft beer genius. The common thread was a belief in the power of craft beer and good food to create community. Our hope is to inspire positive growth in our hometown, and to help develop a sense of place for those who live here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you serve wine? We are still a brewery, but yes, we were allowed to change our TABC license over to a “Brewpub” designation, allowing us to serve local wine made from Texas-grown grapes, and beer to go!

What about parking? Kerrville is blessed to have a free, public, 432-space covered parking garage in the middle of downtown, just one and a half blocks from the front door of the brewery. What an amazing resource! We also have a small off-street parking lot and ample street parking. We do ask for help maintaining the good relationship we have with all of our neighbors, and to respect their parking lots.

How do we order? We offer a very relaxed environment, and ordering is easy. Just grab a menu and beer description list, take a seat wherever you’d like, then come up to the counter and order food and drink whenever you’re ready. We’ll take it from there!

What is the wi-fi password? We utilize several wi-fi networks at the brewery, and include one that is accessible to the general public. Keep scrolling for the only available network that isn’t password protected, it’s there!

Do you give tours? Good question! The brew room is our laboratory, and in order to protect the quality of our products, we need to ensure a few more protections are in place before we can allow access to the general public.  We do occasionally offer tours by special request, just ask!

It’s great that all of your food is organic and local! Technically not a question, but we’re glad you’re excited about our efforts to provide fresh, handmade, and high quality food. Keep in mind that Central Texas is probably one of the most difficult places in the entire country to grow food. Although we continue to do the best we can sourcing ingredients from our neighbors as often as we can, not everything we serve is local and/or organic. But we do maintain a daily list of our local producer friends on our chalkboard in the dining room. Just ask if you want more details on these dedicated stewards of the local environment and protectors of local food security.

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