Our Beers

Our beers were developed through countless hours of research floating on the Guadalupe River during lazy summer days; sharing quiet hours with friends and family by the fire under winter starlit skies; hiking and biking over the rolling hills of spring color and fall foliage; and living, working and playing throughout the of the Texas Hill Country.  Our beers are clean, refreshing, and crafted only in Kerrville, TX!

San Y'bon Lager | Premium Lager, 5.2% ABV | SAN-yuh-BONN

Beer Description: San Y’bon is our lightest and most refreshing offering.  We source American-grown corn and 6-row barley from the Midwest to craft a beer that is blonde in color and light in body with an incredibly crisp flavor.  Aromas of corn and light hop notes are present and the flavors are bright and clean, with a refreshing finish, leaving you ready for another pint!

Name History: San Y’bon was what early explorers first named our part of the Guadalupe River.

The Divide Saison | Belgian-style Saison, 5.8% ABV

Beer Description:  The Divide starts with a blend of malted barley and American white wheat, then is fermented with a unique Belgian yeast blend. The result is a light golden beer with a touch of haze.  Bold and fruity with faint hints of spice and clove and a crisp clean finish, The Divide is the perfect finish to a day of hard work or play.

Name History: There is a ridge in the western reaches of Kerr County that gives birth to the rugged terrain of lost maples, and destines rain drops to either the Colorado river to its west or to the Guadalupe River to its east.  This geographical landmark may separate two mighty Texas watersheds, but it has connected people of this land for centuries.  Our Saison is a tribute to this Kerr County treasure called “The Divide.”  

Tchoupitoulas IPA | American IPA, 6.2% ABV | CHOP-uh-too-liss

Beer Description: Tchoupitoulas IPA is our interpretation of a big, hoppy American IPA.  Full of Oregon-grown hops that impart aromas of grapefruit and pine needles with a slightly floral finish.  The malt profile of the beer is light and toasty, helping to create a backbone for the hops to shine from.  Golden amber in color with a big, frothy white head, perfect for the hopheads in your life!

Name History: Tchoupitoulas was what Sidney Baker Street was called until 1918, most likely named by one of Kerrville’s first businessmen with ties to New Orleans, where there is also a Tchoupitoulas Street.  Also a Native American tribe known as “the river people.”

Off-Season Amber | Amber, 5.6% ABV

Beer Description: Off-Season Amber blends 2-row barley with a bold complement of two different types of caramelized malts.  An excellent representation of a beer style most recognized by its rich red color and frothy tan head, the body is rich and malty with a clean bitterness and crisp finish.

Name History: Kerr County is well known for its world-class summer camps.  For the resident staffers, no season is more magical than the off-season, when the calm silence of winter allows a deeper absorption of the spirit of these special places.

La Madrugada Porter | Brown Porter, 5.6% ABV | LAH-MAH-droo-GAH-duh

Beer Description: La Madrugada blends pale 2-row barley with a touch of Munich malt, chocolate wheat, and brown malt.  Deep brown in color with a beige foam head and huge aromas of light-roasted coffee and milk chocolate.  The body is rich and malty with a hint of bitterness.  We ferment this beer warm to bring out some fruity esters from the yeast while maintaining a crisp and clean finish.

Name History: La Madrugada is a Spanish word with no single-word English translation.  It is the darkest hours of the night, well after midnight and before sunrise.  

Aparigraha Series

Aparigraha is a code of self-restraint, the art of non-possessiveness.  When enjoying beers brewed in this series of one-and-done single batches, one enjoys the opportunity to practice the art of non-attachment – once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Current Aparigraha Brew:

Kerrtoberfest! | Oktoberfest | 4.9%ABV

Beer Description: A gold nugget roasted over a pecan-wood fire, this colorful seasonal starts with a smooth malty sweetness similar to that of a good bourbon, but finishes dry and clean with a flavor not unlike toasted artisanal bread.  Complex, but not confusing, this lightly carbonated easy drinker is perfect for those crisp Fall days that dance in between our two dominant seasons.

Name History: It’s a special community we craft brewers share.  We dedicate this beer to the bag of specialty malt that our friends at Pecan Street Brewing in Johnson City shared in the clutch, when we needed it oh so badly.  It’s good to have friends.  

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